1965 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar


This is an excellent playing and sounding the 1965 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar. Cherry finish looks amazing and is Super clean. Has the earlier wide nut which makes the neck feel amazing. Original P-90 Pickups are super warm and punchy and full of vintage 330 tone. All original except for the pick guard. Comes with original soft shell case too.

The 1965 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar in a no reserve auction. This one is in the UK. Seller says it has been refretted with larger frets. Additionally, the tuners are Klusons that one would expect to find on an ES-335 — seller notes they are old and no additional holes have been drilled. Seller also notes the pickup covers may have been changed.

How can you don’t love the 1965 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar? It’s one of the instruments that helped build the guitar-centric world of today, and this vintage ’65 example is a total keeper. It’s a gorgeous sounding guitar that you almost instantly fall for. The sunburst is really amazing, going to dark cherry at the edges instead of the normal black. Like a lot of vintage instruments it’s had a few changes over the years and this one has a new nut, bridge, and knobs. It once had a humbucker in the bridge position but the original P-90 is back in and the cover almost totally covers up any evidence of the mod. No breaks or repairs to be found though. It’s nice and light and resonant and has a rich tone even before you get near an amp. It’s a joy to plug in though, as the pickups merely amplify what’s already there, it’s hard to get a bad sound of this one.

If you are interested in the 1965 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar, for the love of all that is BUY IT NOW!!

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