1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar


Music Store Live is proud to present this 1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar! We’ve seen plenty of these guitars and we just can’t get enough of them. 1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar has not just survived the past 40 years, it has thrived. The feel is instantly that of a guitar that has been played well and taken care of. The neck is quite comfortable and displays just the right amount of play wear with a moderately broken in feel. The neck has stayed straight over the years and it’s set up well with lower action right now. It plays very well with a very limited amount of buzzing not enough to effect the play ability or hamper the tone of this guitar.

This vintage 1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar TD is finished in a distinguished looking Sunburst. The fully hollow body design provides a wide open tone and makes for a very resonant and lightweight guitar. The double cutaway design allows for huge access to the upper register from both sides of the neck. Don’t worry about throwing some gain into the mix with these pups just maybe leave the Boss Metal Zone out of the picture you get the idea. The neck joins the body at the 19th fret, a rarer feature that was only available on this model from ’68-’72. This guitar had some modifications to it one point that have been since removed.

The fretboard was leveled a bit at one time, most likely when the frets were replaced. An additional set of nickel thumb wheels has been added to help prevent the tune-o-matic bridge’s common preference for tilting over the years. This 1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar comes with a non original but older hard shell case.

If you are interested in 1968 Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar, for the love of all that is BUY IT NOW!!

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