Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar


The Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar is the rebirth of a classic. Similar to an ES-335 in look and feel, the Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar is a genuine hollowbody, lacking the solid centerblock of its semi-hollow counterparts. The Custom Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar is closely modeled on the original release of this classic guitar, and sports an unmistakable vintage vibe to complement its classic sound. With an extremely playable neck and dual P-90 pickups, the Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar projects outstanding tone for any genre of music.

With Kluson white button tuners and its selection of vintage finishes, the Custom Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar carries a great vintage swagger and style. With its genuine P-90 pickups and true hollowbody design, this ES-330 sings with a bright, rich tone worthy of the model’s long legacy.

Aged to perfection, Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar guitars undergo an “aging process” for an oxidized finish and all the dings and scratches you would expect from a well-worn guitar. VOS series guitars look and feel like a 50-year-old guitar should.

I found one that some people call the “long neck”. Of course the neck isn’t any longer, it’s just set in a different place. I’m in love with it! I almost bought the standard version where the neck joins at the 16th fret. I’m so¬†glad I got the version that I did. A slimmer neck and easier access to the upper fret. This thing sounds unreal! The guitar is beautiful. Well built and it smells good too. The vintage sunburst finish suits the guitar perfectly. I am very happy with the build quality on this one. I’ve owned many Gibsons over the years. I also own a Les Paul Standard. It’s the 1960 version 3 VOS. Also a great buil. The build quality is much, much better than the ones I have owned that were built in the mid 70’s.

If you are looking at one of these and sitting on the fence, Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar is a good choice. For the love of all that is holy BUY IT NOW!!

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