Gibson 330 Electric Guitar


Originally introduced in 1959, the Gibson 330 Electric Guitar is back with its magical, mystical blend of fully hollowbody construction, Bigsby tailpiece, and biting P-90 single coil pickups that make each note sparkling clear with a screaching midrange punch. Though similar in appearance to the popular Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow guitar, the Gibson 330 Electric Guitar is a little bit different in construction and a whole lot different in sound. While the 335 is a semi-hollow guitar (that is, the center part of the body is a solid block and the wings of the guitar are hollow), the 330 is a fully hollow thinline guitar. Also, the 335 features two humbucking pickups, and the 330 features two single-coil P-90 pickups. The ES-330 guitar’s body is truly hollow and has no center brace running through it, making it a lightweight, comfortable and uniquely resonant instrument.

Gibson 330 Electric Guitar is reminiscent of the classic Gibson, late ’50s feel, including the comfortable neck shape blending into the soft curves of the rounded fingerboard binding. The Gibson 330 Electric Guitar is a lightweight, lively sounding guitar whether played acoustically or plugged in. With the 16th fret neck joint and just the right neck angle, it’s got a great feel that makes you want to play all night.

The weight, the feel and the tone of this Gibson 330 Electric Guitar are magical. Offered in old-school colors and all finished in Gibson’s warm Vintage Original Spec process, it’s a guitar that just makes sense from beginning to end. Includes case.

Aged to perfection, Gibson 330 Vos Electric Guitar (Vintage Original Specs) guitars undergo an “aging process” for an oxidized finish and all the dings and scratches you would expect from a well-worn guitar. VOS series guitars look and feel like a 50-year-old guitar should.

If you are looking at one of these and sitting on the fence, Gibson 330 Electric Guitar is a good choice. For the love of all that is holy BUY IT NOW!!

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