Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos

gibson custom shop es 330 vos

Originally introduced in 1959, the Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos is back with its magical, mystical blend of fully hollowbody construction, Bigsby tailpiece, and biting P-90 single coil pickups that make each note sparkling clear with a screaching midrange punch. Though similar in appearance to the popular Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow guitar, the ES-330 is a little bit different in construction and a whole lot different in sound. While the 335 is a semi-hollow guitar, the 330 is a fully hollow thinline guitar. Also, the 335 features two humbucking pickups, and the 330 features two single-coil P-90 pickups. The Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos guitar’s body is truly hollow and has no center brace running through it, making it a lightweight, comfortable and uniquely resonant instrument.

Unlike many other Gibson ES guitars, the Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos is a true hollowbody. The complete openness of the body creates an wider sound with bright ringing textures and vibrant overtones. The body is made from combination three-ply maple and poplar, while the mahogany neck includes a maple spline all connected with a sturdy mortise and tenon joint. The result is a rich resonance through the entire instrument. The pickups are slightly underwound P-90s well-known for their tonal versatility. From crisp rock to mellow jazz tones, the Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos is equipped to do it all. For added playing potential, the vintage cherry option includes a classic Bigsby tremolo tailpiece.

This new Gibson Custom Shop Es-330 Vos with Bigsby Vibrato is everything the 1959 model was and more! This guitar has a one-piece Honduran mahogany neck with the long tenon. The neck is slimmer than a ’59 rounded profile and ever-so-slightly larger than a ’60 slim-tapered making it comfortable for any guitarist and the large 1-11/16″ nut width means you’ll have plenty of fingerboard real estate to peel off your favorite riffs.

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