Gibson Es 330 Review


The following is about Gibson Es 330 Review.

Features: The ES-330 is a thinbody, double cutaway, fully hollow body guitar produced by Gibson from about 1952 to the early 1970’s. Gibson es 330 attached the neck at the 15th fret, but starting in 1967, they lengthened the neck where it joined the body at 19th fret. This matched the neck length of the ES-335.

Sound: The guitar originally came with two P90 pickups, but these gave me problems as single coil pickups will if you play where they control the house lights with a rheostat. With the new P100 pickups, the sounds I heard from ES-335’s, SG’s and Les Paul is really nice. It just feels and sounds more like the Gibson guitar sound I’ve grown to love. The rest of the electronics are Standard factory installed, three way pickup selector switch and associated volume and tone knobs for each pickup.

Action, Fit & Finish: The action has always been quite good. By replacing the original nut with a graphite nut, the strings no longer bind when using the Bigsby tremolo bar allowing the guitar to stay in tune even if the tremolo bar is used. A friend had a similar ES-330, only with the trapeze at the bottom. It didn’t play as well or have the balance the Bigsby gives to the instrument. The sustain was much better with the Bigsby tail piece as well.

Reliability & Durability: The guitar has held up well the last 30 years with a little checking in the finish. The neck is superb and easy to play. Outside of replacing the pickups, nothing has been done to the electronics. All original wiring is in place. The chrome pickup covers fit over the newer P100 pickups so from an external viewpoint, you can’t tell anything has changed.

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