Gibson Es-330 Vintage Burst V.O.S.


Play a few licks on the Gibson Es-330 Vintage Burst V.O.S., and you’ll be transported to a time when hollowbody electric guitars were king. It’s a pure ’50s experience all the way through, from the 3-ply maple and poplar body and the mahogany neck with a maple spline, to the smoothly-rounded feel of the creme binding along the hand-selected dark rosewood fretboard. You’ll hear enough to fall in love with the ES-330 just by playing it acoustically. But plug into your favorite tube amp, dial in the dual P-90 single-coil pickups, and you’ll be conjuring everything from mellow, vibrant jazz tones through to the sound of a rock ‘n’ roll revolution. The ES-330 became an icon of modern music because of its effortless playability and complete tonal versatility, and you can have it too with the Gibson Es-330 Vintage Burst V.O.S. hollowbody electric guitar.

Gibson Custom wanted to re-create the experience of playing a classic Gibson ES from the ’50s, and built the Gibson Es-330 Vintage Burst V.O.S. to exacting vintage specs. The single-chamber body has a 3-ply maple/poplar/maple top and back, and creates a lively and vibrant sound with incredible sustain. The mahogany neck has a maple spline, enhancing the strength and preventing twisting or warping. And the P-90 pickups sport black plastic covers, standard on early ES models before switching to nickel covers.

Countless guitarists over the decades have loved their Gibson Es-330 Vintage Burst V.O.S. for its “just right” feel and response. The thinline body style is comfortable to wear and play while still giving you true hollowbody sweetness and depth. Rounded fingerboard binding further enhances the feel of the well-balanced mahogany neck. And Gibson Custom’s Plek Pro fret-optimization process ensures precision intonation and incredibly smooth action, for the feel of an instrument that’s been broken in and well maintained since the late ’50s. Play it fast or strum it slow, play it unplugged or crank up your tube amp – the Gibson Es 330 Vintage Burst V.O.S. will respond beautifully no matter how you play it.

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