Gibson Es 330 Electric Guitar

gibson es 330


Gibson es 330 is a wonderful hollowbody with a unique sound guitar. And it has super comfortable action. Gibson Memphis’s gibson es-330 is reminiscent of the classic Gibson, late’ 50s feel, including the comfortable neck shape blending into the soft curves of the rounded fingerboard binding. The gibson es-330 is a lively sounding and lightweight guitar whether played acoustically or plugged in. With the 16th fret neck joint and just the right neck angle, gibson es-330 got a great feel that makes you want to play all night.

The combination of exacting’ 50s body and neck specifications and slightly underwound P-90 pickups on aged nickel-plated bases tied together with an original spec wiring harness will bring you back to the tones of Grant Green in a laid-back New York jazz club. Some people call this guitar’s neck is the “long neck”. As a matter of fact, the neck is set in a different place. A slimmer neck is easier access to the upper frets. This thing sounds unreal ! The guitar is beautiful. Well built and it smells good too. The vintage sunburst finish suits the guitar perfectly. Run it through an old tube amp and you won’t be able to keep from playing one British Invasion song after another.

The weight, the feel and the tone of this gibson es-330 are magical. Offered in old-school colors and all finished in Gibson’s warm Vintage Original Spec process, it’s a guitar that just makes sense from beginning to end. Includes case.

Look in like an ordinary ES-335 clone, the ES-330 is totally different beast. And it’s not a cruel beast at all – this guitar is like a funny joyful pet. Its ringing sound is light and speedy, resembles much more The Beatles and early 60’s pop rock, than blues or rockabilly.

If you are looking at one of these and sitting on the fence, gibson es-330 is a good choice. For the love of all that is holy BUY IT NOW!!

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