Gibson Memphis Es-330


This unplayed Gibson Memphis Es-330 Vos is a lightweight, lively sounding guitar whether played acoustically or plugged in. With the 16th fret neck joint and just the right neck angle, it’s got a great feel that makes you want to play all night. The combination of exacting ’50s body and neck specifications and slightly underwound P-90 pickups on aged nickel-plated bases tied together with an original spec wiring harness. Gibson Memphis Es-330 Vos models are given an aged appearance by enduring unique staining, wet-sanding, and hand-rubbing processes. The result of these methods creates a visually stunning reflection of a well-cared for 50 plus year old Gibson.

The weight, the feel and the tone of this Gibson Memphis Es-330 Vos are magical. It’s a guitar that just makes sense from beginning to end. It has a laminated maple top, back, and rims. The neck is a one-piece mahogany and has 22 frets with a hand-selected Dark Rosewood Fingerboard. The pickups are under wound P-90 Dog Ear’s with Sprague Black Beauty Bumblebee Capacitors and Switch craft Toggle Switch that together, scream vintage tone. The control knobs are Amber Top Hats and the body has Reissue 5-ply Binding. The tuners are Tone Pros Kluson with white buttons, and the bridge is a Tune-o-matic with a trapeze style tailpiece.

The thinline body style is comfortable to play while delivering true hollowbody richness and depth. The rounded fingerboard binding enhances the feel of the well-balanced mahogany neck, and the Gibson Custom Plek Pro fret-optimization process ensures precision intonation and incredibly smooth action, for the feel of an instrument that’s been broken in and well maintained since the late ’50s. Wether it’s played fast, strummed slow, played unplugged or cranked up through a tube amp, this Gibson Memphis Es-330 Vos absolutely sings. The fully-hollowbody allows harmonics and overtones to develop beautifully, and the sweet tone is only enhanced by the impressive sustain.

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