Gibson tom delonge guitar

Music Store Live is proud to present this gibson tom delonge! This 330 is a scorcher! It plays like a bat out of hell and dishes out epic proportions of powerful tone! The neck pickup is super thick and meaty and the bridge pickup is soulful and clear as the day is long. This 330 is set up very well right now. The neck is straight, the truss rod works fine, the action is set medium / low and the guitar plays in tune in every position. We are all very fond of this gibson tom delonge. The tone is full bodied and the P90’s are packing all the vintage punch you could hope for. Check it out!


This gibson tom delongeĀ is all original. This Cherry Red maple hollowbody features dual F-holes and a double cutaway. The mahogany neck features a slim 60’s profile, a bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard, small block inlays and the original nylon nut ( 1.66″ or 1 20/32″ ). The original P90 single coil pickups sound terrific and the pots date to the 44th week of 1962. Other fine features on this axe include a black beveled pickguard, an ABR-1 bridge and trapeze tailpiece and all of the guitars original electronics including the Sprague black beauty capacitors. This guitar weighs 5.84 pounds and comes with it’s original had shell case.


This gibson tom delongeĀ is in very good to excellent condition. The largest cosmetic notes are a small hole on the back of the neck heel where a strap button was installed and the headstock has some numbers carved into its top ridge. The body and neck are quite clean with the exception if a few tiny dings and light finish scratches. The original frets are still in excellent condition.


If you are interested in If you are interested in gibson tom delonge, for the love of all that is BUY IT NOW!!